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10kg Payload, 60min Endurance!

  • Technology

    Possible to fly for 60 minutes (maximum 90 min.)

    With the powerful engine, the helicopter drone RUEPEL can be able to operate effectively in rough weather conditions where the places like the mountain and the sea. RUEPEL can fly 60 minutes to 90 minutes with lifting up the maximum 10kg of payload.

  • Technology

    Transferring emergency supplies to disaster areas

    In addition to day and night reconnaissance, RUEPEL is possible to acquire precise spatial information by loading heavy surveying equipment such as Lidar. RUEPEL is also used for delivering of urgent materials to places where are difficult to access, for example, remote islands or disaster areas.



Max Operating Range 40km (Engine)
Cruise Flight Speed 5-20 m/s
Endurance 60-90min
Max Payload 10kg
Camera EO/IR, Lidar, Delivery Kit
MTOW 20kg
Size 1830 * 650 * 600 (10kg)
Mission Delivery, Event Monitoring, Survey


  •  Payload

    Delivery Kit

    Supplies transfer kit

  •  Payload

    Optical Camera

    Inspection of structures using high-definition cameras

  •  Payload

    Lidar Sensor

    Acquisition of precise spatial information and inspection of structures

  •  Payload

    EO/IR (Dual)

    Reconnaissance and surveillance of downtown day and night


PRENEU is the brand centering on customers and specializing in drones based on superior technologies.